Cohoctah Township, MI Dumpster Rentals

Between your hectic work week, errands, and the kids, the last thing you want is to deal with trash piling up from a big project. At The Garbage Man, we understand how important it is for you to have access to a dumpster when you're cleaning out your garage for the first time in a while or if you are beginning a home improvement project. As a locally owned and operated company, we know what great customer care looks like. Our team is a trusted partner of Cohoctah Township, MI residents and businesses. Let's keep our mutual community and environment clean.

Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals

Are you in the middle of a lengthy home improvement project? Big projects lead to large amounts of trash. The Garbage Man is here to make your project clean up as hassle-free as possible with our convenient roll-off dumpster rental.

What Does My Roll-Off Dumpster Rental Include?

With our full service roll-off dumpster rental, your waste will be dealt with in a timely and professional manner. The Garbage Man’s rental program includes:

  • Different dumpster options to fit the size of your project and needs, including:

    • 4YD-SQ: 6'W x 4"L x 4"H
    • 6YD-SQ: 6'W x 5'L x 5'H
    • 10YD-T: 6'W x 12'L x 4'H
    • 12YD-RO: 7'W x 12'L x 4'H
    • 15YD-T: 6'W x 14'L x 5'H
    • 20YD-T: 6'W x 16'L x 5'H
    • 30YD-T: 6'W x 24'L x 5'H
  • A convenient weekly rental charge

  • Easily scheduled pickups for your waste

  • Upkeep on all of our dumpsters

  • And more

*Please note that The Garbage Man is not a transfer or drop-off location. We do not permit disposal of tires, liquid, concrete, asphalt, dirt, ash, or hazardous materials. There are no pick up fees associated with our temporary dumpsters.

Don’t let your garbage pile make you grouchy. Trust The Garbage Man to provide your home or business with dependable Cohoctah Township, MI temporary dumpster rentals. Contact us today for more information!

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